Real Hip Hop With “Avengeance”
By Cristy Lenz
Thu March 12, 2013

Real Hip Hop With "Avengeance"

For many fans of true hiphop having the opportunity to discover an artist the caliber of RAADDRR VAN is akin to the experience of receiving a Christmas present in the July.

That’s because Raaddrr Van embodies many qualities that a true emcee should possess. Great lyrical skill, excellent flow, pinpoint timing & delivery, intelligent content all encased within a powerful charismatic personality.

Listen to a Raaddrr Van track you’ll first be enchanted by sophisticated hardcore music production then be mesmerized by explosive lyrical fury as Van dissects the track with the accuracy of a lazer beam and the skill of master surgeon.

There are two songs that provides clear evidence of Van’s range and genius as an emcee.

On the song “Fu*k Da Ndastrie” Van goes into full battle rapper mode with his trademark booming voice, razor sharp lyrics and napalm like flow he completely annihilates the track to the extent that the average emcee wouldn’t dare step into the arena against him.

Now while that’s very impressive indeed. I encourage you all to checkout Van’s song “Daughters” a real life story that documents Van’s successful battle to win custody of his two young daughters.

It takes a lot courage for an artist to reveal and provide deep insight within a situation that’s so personal.

Van did so with a lot of class, grace and dealt with the tough subject matter in way that was entertaining as well as inspiring.

Raaddrr Van’s latest release entitled “Raaddrr Van back as LODD MANAFESS DA ALBUM” is coming soon!

Be on the lookout for it. Raaddrr Van is not only just a highly skilled emcee he actually creates content that’s very thought provoking and that puts Van on a level that few other (indie or mainstream) rappers share.

To learn more about Raaddrr Van and his music click on the links below: